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For people who are looking for a 24-hour boost, MindBoost is one supplement that they should greatly consider trying. This is so popular at present because many people claim that it has worked for them. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to get from this product:

  • Increases different aspects of your mental function like memory, cognition and focus;
  • Helps you relax and rest better during rest time;
  • Eliminates elements that hinder brain performance such as stress and fatigue.

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How Does MindBoost Work?

The MindBoost system is created to “increase your performance across all domains”. This is made possible by improving the function of all the systems within your body, most especially the nervous system. From your physical performance to your emotional state, all these are controlled by your brain. By creating a formulation that provides a powerful boost that works on a 24-hour basis, MindBoost helps ensure that your brain works at its maximum potential at all times.

The MindBoost Complete system is made of 2 distinct and all-natural formulations that have complementary effects. MindBoost Day is created to help your brain reach its peak performance levels. MindBoost Night is created to help your brain effectively rejuvenate itself while you are resting. Both formulation are created using 100% all natural ingredients and are tested using double blind placebo clinical trials. By themselves, either one of these formulas can significantly improve your brain’s performance, but you’ll experience more beneficial effects if you’ll take them together.

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MindBoost Benefits/Cons

You can experience numerous benefits by taking both MindBoost Day and MindBoost Night formulas. Here are some of the reasons why you would love to try this product for yourself (and probably recommend it for others as well).

  • All-natural ingredients – One of the things that the makers of MindBoost takes pride on is that their formula is made using all-natural ingredients. Such formulation means it’s compatible even for specialized diets. Side effects are close to none. We will talk about the ingredients in detail later on, but you’ll be surprised on how simple the formulation actually is.
  • Superior formulation – This is where the superior formulation of this product comes into the picture. One of the most incredible things about MindBoost is that all ingredients are added there with a purpose and at the right amounts. Having no filler ingredients means there is no unnecessary consumption and no harmful effects.
  • Results get better with time – This is one of those products wherein the benefits of taking it gets better with time. Once the effects of the product starts to kick in, you’ll notice how big a difference this product makes on your mental performance. The longer you take it, the better your mental performance becomes.
  • Effectively increases brain performance – The main benefit of taking MindBoost is the simple fact that it works. All ingredients found in both the day and night formulations are designed to provide users with the boost they need to get sustained peak brain performance that lasts for 24 hours. No other brain supplement out there can claim that.
  • Has a 120-day money back guarantee – The makers of this product are highly confident that it works. This is evidenced by the presence of a 120-day money back guarantee. In case you are unsatisfied with the results during the 120-day period, you can return the product and get a full refund.

While this product has proven to be a groundbreaking success, that doesn’t mean that there are no disadvantages. As there is no such thing as a perfect product, here are some of the cons of taking MindBoost.

  • Benefits don’t come around instantly – This is perhaps the biggest knock against the MindBoost Complete system. When you take it, you won’t experience the benefits immediately. It takes days of taking the product before you feel any positive effects and it takes weeks before it achieves its maximum efficiency. This product does not provide instant effects by any means.
  • Can only be purchased online – As a product that’s only available online, it can be quite tricky to make your purchase. I highly suggest visiting the official website to ensure that you’ll get legitimate product. All orders are secure and discreet, and you’ll get the product from them at the lowest possible price.

MindBoost Ingredients

The MindBoost Complete formula is made up of different ingredients that will help you achieve maximum brain performance. Just to give you an idea, here are the ingredients for both Day and Night formulas. Take note that both supplements have unique formulations as they perform two completely different functions.

MindBoost Day

  • Vitamin B12 – This vitamin is important in maintaining optimal brain performance. Studies show that this vitamin has a protective effect against cognitive decline.
  • Ginkgo biloba – Multiple studies show that Ginkgo has a positive effect on different aspects of mental performance. Recall, processing and memory formation are just 3 aspects of brain performance that this ingredient improves.
  • Bacopia monnieri– A natural herb native in European and Asian wetlands, Bacopia helps in improving both memory and learning speed.
  • Folic acid – Adequate daily consumption of this vitamin is directly linked to improved cognitive performance and prevention of its decline as you age.

MindBoost Night

  • Chamomile – Considered as a natural apigenin, chamomile can reduce anxiety when regularly consumed.
  • Whitania somnifera – A prominent product found in Ayurvedic medicine, it has anti-anxiety effects that help people go to sleep.
  • Rhodiola rosea – This ingredient is clinically proven to help people recover from mental fatigue, stress and anxiety, which is essential for maximum brain performance.
  • Melissa officinalis – Also known as lemon balm, this is an ingredient used to induce calmness. It works in effectively dealing with anxiety and stress.

The MindBoost Complete system is the total package when it comes to increasing your overall brain performance. For best results, you should take both the Day and Night formulas together. That way, you can enjoy its advertised “24-hour brain support” at its fullest. I have tried this product and I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with it.

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MindBoost Day Review – Simple Smart Science


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mindboost day review

MindBoost Day is marketed as the “Potent and Comprehensive Nootropic.”  Nootropic is a term used to name supplements known to enhance brain performance.  Students and office workers are the primary fanatics of these supplements, as improving their brain performance helps them function better in their daily lives.

The name of the company that started the Day and Night Formula is Simple Smart Science.  The people here specifically formulated their products to help enhance the brain’s cognitive functions.  The Day formula, the first half of their MindBoost line, is specially formulated to improve memory and focus that a person needs for his daily life.  On the other hand, the Night formula provides calming and relaxing effects that help the brain repair itself during sleep.

This article shall discuss the MindBoost Day in detail.

Improve Your Brain’s Cognitive Functions with MindBoost Day

The Day formula is often preferred by people who need their brainpower leveled up during daily tasks, without the added stimulants that could later on cause adverse effects.

In summary, MindBoost Day helps to:

  • Increase memory
  • Improve focus
  • Enhance concentration


MindBoost Day Ingredients

The people behind this product have spent years researching scientific case studies that soon helped them land on the following key ingredients that make the MindBoost day a success:

  • Bacopa monnieri. The Bacopa monnieri — also known as the Brahmi — is highly prized for its medicinal properties.  It is an herb growing in the wetlands of Asia and Europe.

This herb is said to contribute to the brain’s memory, learning speed, and energy enhancement.  Intake of any supplement containing this herb is said to increase blood flow in the cerebral areas, as well as activate choline — a nutrient known to affect the brain’s dopamine reactors and therefore, improving attention and focus.

  • Rhodiola rosea. The Rhodiola rosea is an extraordinary herb that has plenty of uses.  It has been used in traditional medicine to cure different types of ailments.  More importantly, it has long been known an adaptogen  — substances that help normalize bodily functions and improve the overall resistance of the body.

This herb is also known to have a remarkable effect on anxiety, mental fatigue, and stress.

  • Gingko biloba. Also known as Maidenhair, Gingko biloba traces its history to nearly 300 million years, making it one of the oldest trees in existence.  The Chinese have been using it in traditional medicine, and is actually a prescribed as medicine in Germany.

Gingko biloba is known to help improve the flow of blood to the brain.  Also, it helps with information-processing speed, recall, and memory formation.  It is also known to make significant improvements to mood.

  • Vitamin B-12. B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin that exists naturally n some foods.  It may also come as a dietary supplement or prescribed by a doctor.

Vitamin B-12 helps normalize the formation of red blood cells, as well as improve some neurological functions.  It directly affects neurotransmitters that are essential for a person’s psychological health.  Overall, the vitamin is said to lower the risk and slow down the onset of cognitive decline.

  • Folic Acid. Folic acid isn’t just for pregnant women.  Studies show that folic acid is essential for the brain to function properly, and is also known to play an important role in one’s emotional health.

Scientific studies have shown that folic acid also helps lower and slow down the risk of cognitive decline.  More importantly, this supplement also improves cognitive measures such as fluency, memory, and speed of learning.

The Pros and Cons

You might already be suffering from memory issues, yet you remain wary of whatever mind-boosting supplement you are being offered.  This is understandable, as you wouldn’t want to compromise your health with supplements that are too good to be true.  This is why you should first learn of the pros and cons of the MindBoost Day before taking it.

First, users have attested that the benefits of MindBoost Day can be seen in as short as two weeks.  The product is gluten-free, making it a good choice for vegetarians and vegans.  The dosages given are all clinically tested and proven to obtain maximum results.  The ingredients were all selected carefully and are backed up by numerous scientific research.  If you’re wary of the quality, you should know that Simple Smart Science operates in a facility that upholds Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The company offers free shipping for ordered products, and also included a 120-day money-back guarantee should their product not work on you.

Unfortunately, the MindBoost Day doesn’t come cheap and is heftily priced at $48.50 for a bottle that’s good for a month.  It doesn’t work overnight and might require several days for the effects to kick in.  It’s not quite as powerful as other nootropics, but the fewer ingredients only mean the absence of fillers — which is actually a good thing because you only want to be taking products with natural ingredients.

Who Should Take It?

MindBoost Day is a supplement for everyone and anyone who wishes to improve the overall health of their brain.  Also, if you’re among those who are worried about cognitive decline, this product is scientifically proven to improve memory and other cognitive functions.

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The Verdict

In the United States, as many as 5 million seniors are struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.  Symptoms of this disease do not usually appear before the age of 65, but if you’re already losing memory at an age earlier than that, then it could be a sign that your brain isn’t functioning at its best.  You should do something about it.

Memory issues do happen, and what better way is there than to take brain-boosting supplements that contain only the best ingredients.  MindBoost Day is filled with natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost one’s memory and have an overall positive effect on the brain.  There are no known side effects, and most users have reported feeling improvements in their cognitive functionality and productivity.

If you are concerned about your overall brain health and wouldn’t mind spending a buck or so on it, then this is one of the products that you will want to try.

For those who prefer a supplement that enhances mental health, as well as relaxes and rejuvenates the brain during sleep, you might want to try MindBoost Complete — the supplement that gives your brain round-the-clock support.

Brain Pill Review: Does This Product Really Work?



Brain Pill Coupon Code

How Brain Pill Helps in the Cognitive Functions of the Brain

How do you like the idea of having the ability to improve your brain’s performance naturally just by taking a supplement? Here comes Brain Pill – a nootropic supplement or cognitive enhancer, which improves brain functions.

Nootropics have been around for so many years and they are also commonly called “smart drugs.”

Numerous scientific studies show evidence that nootropics can improve the memory of an average person and his personal motivation, confidence levels, and overall brain functions.

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What Constitutes a Good Nootropic Supplement?

Here is a list of things for nootropics to be actually considered as a “good” one:

  • Must help in protecting the brain and keeping it safe from chemical and physical injuries.
  • Must improve the cognitive functions of the brain, and prevent certain health conditions from disrupting these functions.
  • Must help improve the concentration and memory of the brain as well as its ability to efficiently learn.
  • Must not be toxic.
  • Must only have a few possible side effects, if any.

The manufacturers of Brain Pill take pride that this supplement actually meets all the guidelines that an effective nootropic must-have.

How Does Brain Pill Work?

One simplified answer as to how nootropics work would be ideal. However, this is unfortunately not the case because there are many different nootropics and methods involved. As for Brain Pill, it achieves its positive results by altering the supply of several hormones, enzymes, or neurotransmitters. Better plasticity is also important because this establishes how well the synapses communicate and connect. All these lead to improved memory, enhanced attention and focus, and better mood and concentration.

This supplement improves the transmission of neurons in the brain and increases the levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which important for brain function. For the most part, the ingredients in this supplement work with natural brain chemistry. They promote the production of neurotransmitters to create positive effects on cognition and mood.

Oxygen and Blood Flow to the Brain

Taking Brain Pill tends to improve the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain, resulting in increased glucose metabolism, thus, increasing the overall brain energy. This is because of an increase in oxygen and nutrients, thereby promoting feelings of focus and alertness. The natural brain energy reserves are continually being exhausted. Glucose and oxygen are the main sources of energy in the brain and they are important for proper brain function. When these substances are increased, your cognition will improve and you will feel less fatigued.

Your motivation will also be affected, which means that this supplement provides a better sense of well-being. Some of the ingredients in this supplement are totally effective in increasing energy levels, resulting in increased focus. Improved glucose metabolism and blood flow provide the brain with what it actually needs to function well.

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Brain Pill Benefits

There are various benefits that this brain enhancing supplement can offer. They are sometimes even used to help treat people who are suffering from cognitive and motor function problems. Here are some of the most important aspects that the supplement targets.

  • Focus – Brain Pill improves mental alertness and focus and creates a great sense of clarity.
  • Memory – It may be easy to read and understand certain things, but some people find it a bit difficult to remember information. Brain Pill has been proven to have positive effects on the memory of an individual. It repairs and enhances every aspect of memory functions, including recall and working memory. It also enhances the connections between the neurons in the brain and increases brain cell growth. Along with these benefits, this supplement also helps repair the neurons, resulting in improved long-term recall and comprehension of information.
  • Mood – This supplement also works in enhancing a person’s mood and reducing anxiety. Numerous studies show that reduced anxiety leads to higher performance in tests for various cognitive indicators.
  • Reasoning and Creativity – This supplement can also enhance creativity in problem-solving and impact general reasoning skills.
  • Anti-Fatigue – You can work more efficiently and longer when you feel less fatigued. This supplement prevents fatigue by providing a more efficient production of energy.

Brain Pill Ingredients

This brain supplement contains only the best ingredients fit to improve cognitive functions. The two main ingredients are:

  • Cognizin – This is a branded form of Citicoline, which helps produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for proper learning and cognition.
  • Synapsa – a standardized, patented product of Bacopa monnieri. Its benefits include reduced anxiety, improved short-term and long-term memory, better reasoning test performance, and improved focus and attention.

Is It Right for You?

The effect of this supplement may be a little different for everyone, but it should work similarly to what has been described in this article. If you want to buy a nootropic supplement online, make sure to get it from someone with high standards of manufacturing methods. Brain Pill is the ultimate supplement for your brain to maximize its full cognitive potential. For the latest coupons and discounts, CLICK HERE!

MindBoost Night Review – Simple Smart Science


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MindBoost Night Review

Long hours of studying leave your brain tired, as well as spending a long time in front of your computer as you try to finish up that report due for tomorrow.  If you think you are working up your brain too much and that it deserves to relax, then a great supplement you can try is MindBoost Night.

Simple Smart Science — the company behind the MindBoost roster of supplements — believes that every person deserves to achieve a big leap of performance in their life.  The company combines clinical results with their latest research to manufacture top-of-the-line, cutting-edge products that allow people to improve themselves.

Below is a detailed review of one of their best-selling products, MindBoost Night.

Getting a relaxing full night’s sleep can be difficult, especially for people who are riddled with the stress of their jobs.  Sometimes, the brain spends the entire day working non-stop, making it difficult for it to slow down and prepare for sleep.

This is where MindBoost Night comes in — this product has displayed remarkable results that help release anxiety and stress that have built up during the day.  Although it will help you get that much needed sleep, the product contains NO sedatives, NO muscle relaxants, and NO other addicting and harmful sleep medications.

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MindBoost Night Ingredients

In other words, the Night formula is specifically catered towards helping your brain to calm and relax to prepare for bedtime.  Just like the MindBoost Day counterpart, Night also made from natural ingredients such as the following:

  • Chamomile is known as a natural apigenin — a substance that lowers the effects of anxiety when consumed.  It’s also seen as anti-cancer compound, as well as an antidepressant.

Chamomile is a popular choice for people who need to relax.  Some even take it as tea.

  • Withania somnifera. Also known as Ashwagandha, the Withania somnifera is a powerful adaptogen that has been essential in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

The plant is known to significantly reduce effects of anxiety and is therefore helpful in promoting restful sleep.  The root extract is also known to help build a person’s resistance towards stress, therefore improving their quality of life.

Additionally, Ashwagandha’s immunostimulatory and antioxidant properties are what help reduce the biochemical stressor effects that are related to anxiety.  It is also known to boost an individual’s immune system.

  • Rhodiola rosea. The Rhodiola Rosea — which also goes by the name of Brahmi — is an herb that’s highly-priced for its therapeutic and medicinal properties.

The Brahmi herb is found to help people improve their resistance towards anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue.

  • Melissa officinalis. Also known as Lemon Balm, Melissa officinalis is an herb that is known to induce calmness.

For centuries, lemon balm is the primary herb people go to whenever they need to deal with anxiety and stress.  Studies have also suggested the anxiety-reducing properties it has and how they can help improve sleep for people who struggle with anxiety-related insomnia.

Another study found that lemon balm improves calmness and reduces the effects of stress on people.

The Pros and Cons

Sleep is important for the brain — and the body — to recharge and make itself ready for the challenges of the next day.  However, when sleep seems too elusive, it’s natural for people to start looking for remedies to help them get the rest they need.

Users of the MindBoost Night have attested to its ability to give them the good night’s sleep they’ve always wanted.  Those who have reported suffering from untimely wake-ups in the middle of the night have reported sleeping through the whole night for an entire week.  Upon waking up in the morning, they reported feeling energized and refreshed and ready for the day’s activities.

When it comes to ingredients, users won’t have to worry about synthetic ingredients, as everything in each capsule is all-natural.  These all-natural ingredients are guaranteed to work because the effects are all backed up by extensive scientific research.  The product also contains no preservatives and artificial flavors.  It’s also one of the few products that’s gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

In a nutshell, the MindBoost Night not only helps improve a person’s ability to fall asleep, but also makes sure he or she stays asleep throughout the ideal resting time.  Although price may be an issue (it sells for $34 a bottle), it’s hard to get by low-cost nootropics that have nothing but quality ingredients in them.

Who Should Take It?

MindBoost Night is perfect for people who need a good night’s sleep.  If you find it hard to fall asleep at night, or if you often wake up at night and find it difficult to get back to sleep, then this product is worth a try.

Also, MindBoost Night can help those who are suffering from anxiety-related insomnia.  Since it contains anti-anxiety properties, it can help lift your insomnia so as to prevent future consequences to your health due to lack of quality sleep.

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The Verdict

It’s reassuring to know that more and more companies are becoming more involved in helping consumers improve their quality of life.  Simple Smart Science is only one of the few to manufacture all-natural yet effective products, and their MindBoost line aims to fulfill a promise of helping users obtain a healthier brain.

MindBoost Night is packed with powerful ingredients that help recharge tired brains at night to get people ready and energized for the day ahead.  Yes, it may be an expensive product to take, but it’s true that you can’t put a price on your health.

Ample sleep is the key towards a healthy brain and eventually, a healthier body.  Due to the number of reviews and success stories on MindBoost Night, it’s hard to ignore the impressive results that have helped others get that good night’s sleep they’ve always wanted.  Just think of all the benefits you’ll have without the fear of suffering from side effects.

If purchasing both the MindBoost Day and Night formulas seems expensive to you, you may choose to purchase their round-the-clock formula instead: MindBoost Complete.